Best Advertising Companies – September 2019 Reviews

Rankings as of May 27, 2024

Does your brand need to be advertised? Do you feel the need of advertising yet again? It is 2019 and the trends in advertising campaigns have evolved a lot due to technology and change in the behavioural pattern of audience. Modern Advertising Agencies help brands to re-establish themselves and continuously seek engagement from their target audience/customers.

Planning and streamlining an effective advertising campaign involve a lot of time, efforts, and energy of top talented highly creative team, but the experience and talent of these modern ad agencies swiftly enables you to achieve your advertising and marketing goals.

After an in-detail analysis and study from many ad agencies around the world, we have curated a list of best ad agencies for you. This list has been created on basis of several quality & quantitative parameters like work portfolio, affordability, market image, success ratio and many more points within our research methodology. We are sure this list will help you find an ideal ad agency that perfectly fits your brand.

We have also crafted a detailed guideline for you that would enable you to understand the process of onboarding an advertising agency for your brand.

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Top Advertising and Marketing Companies

Total Records: 12
To help you analyze and pick your ideal company, here is a tabular format of our curated list of best advertising companies. Choose your decision wisely in terms of selecting an advertising company.
Rank Company Location Employees Score Website
1 Foster Web Marketing Fairfax, VA 50 - 249 99% Visit Website
2 Huge Brooklyn, NY 1,000 - 9,999 98.8% Visit Website
3 Deksia Grand Rapids, MI 10 - 49 98.7% Visit Website
4 Fearless Media New York, NY 10 - 49 98.5% Visit Website
5 BrandTutive New York, NY 10 - 49 98.3% Visit Website
6 Spire Agency Addison, TX 10 - 49 98.1% Visit Website
7 Interplanertary New York, NY 10 - 49 98% Visit Website
8 Citizen Group San Francisco, CA 10 - 49 97.9% Visit Website
9 GKV Baltimore, MD 50 - 249 97.7% Visit Website
10 AKQA San Francisco, CA 1,000 - 9,999 97.6% Visit Website
11 Interbrand New York, NY 1,000 - 9,999 97.4% Visit Website
12 Sensis Los Angeles, CA 50 - 249 97.3% Visit Website
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Why Advertising Agency?

An ideal approach to this question would be to ask yourself to why does your business or product require advertising? And what kind of serves do you require? You need to define the services you require since the advertising/marketing agency has a wide scope. There are a couple of questions one can ask himself in order to be more clear about hiring an agency.
Where do you stand in the market? Where do you want to reach? Do you have any specific strategy? Are you relaunching or rebranding?

Once you know the answers to these questions the next step is to find an expert for all the requirements. A lot of times there are experts within the organisation itself who can help or solve the problem and outsource certain positions like; Social Media Manager, Brand Manager who can work on brand activation and visibility.

Why hiring an ad agency is better than an in-house team?

The classic and common question that haunts every company planning to deploy services of marketing professionals.

Everyone knows that marketing and advertising are required for the growth of their business. 
But a lot of companies think they can fulfill this marketing needs by an in-house team. Is it possible to achieve effective results with an in-house marketing team?

A lot of small-scale business thinks about managing the marketing in-house, but a few people end up doing so many things at once. An in-house team for marketing will only increase pressure on your employees. Not all business can afford a marketing agency and hence settle with an in-house team. The business that has a separate team just for marketing cant expect a lot of creativity. An agency will have more effective and creative ways of promotion and for your brand to be noticed.

Below are a few reasons listed as to why an agency is a better option than an in-house team:

#1. Skill Set
Designing an engaging advertising campaign and content requires a different and special skill set. The advertising agencies have an upper hand as they hire the only talent that’s creative and has the potential to think it of the box. A team in an ad agency will have different people for different roles; designers, copywriters, cognate writers, art director, media planners, developers. The best mindsets come together to create memorable advertising that leaves an impact on consumers along with a brand name. For example, a few years back google’s TV ad was going viral because of the emotions that it brought. The two friends who were separated during India-Pakistan partition and met years in their old age with google’s help.

#2. Food for creative minds

Creative minds work better together. It’s proven that a creative mind won’t be able to explore 100% of their capacities with an in-house team. An agency gives a perfect environment to creative talents where they can learn more and shape and channel their creativity in the right direction.

#3. A Top Marketing Team

When you hire an agency you don’t just hire a designer or just a copywriter, you hire a full team that’s going to be part of your business team until they have achieved their goals. While your business team is trying to grow your business, the marketing team is trying to grow your brand name by effectively planning your brand’s marketing and brand activation.

#4. Quick Results and Outsider’s View

Sometimes a brand needs an effective and quick result. And it not hidden that agency works with a different mindset and their aim is to deliver without fail. The agencies have worked in the industry and are experienced to know how and what things work for a quicker result.
 An agency is successful in delivering the result because they aren’t too close to the product as it’s makers. They bring the perfect balance because of the outside view, which further brings new ideas to promote the business and the brand.

#5. Better Strategy and Powerful Branding

And the agency will have a confident strategy that will match your vision for your brand or business and they will make sure to deliver and help you stay on track. A good agency will not let you worry about branding and promoting so you can run and develop your business with new ideas and without worrying about it not being noticed. Only an agency can make good branding of your product and services. If you hire an experienced agency, they are result oriented and a new agency will deliver new trending ideas to proem themselves.

#6. Faster Execution of Campaigns with Better Results

The in-house team is less efficient because the employees have more work and less number of people making it a hustle. The agencies have a well-defined role for each person making the campaign designing better and better execution. An agency will have executives especially looking after a campaign for driving quality leads.

#7. Data Analysis and Insights

An agency is well equipped and has the right tools to run data analysis while your in-house team will do the same task in days. The agency invests and runs these tools and their dependency on data is the reason why they deliver better results.

#8. A Reputed Agency Increases your Credibility

The type of agency you hire says a lot about your brand. If your agency is associated with big name brands like that of Adidas or Nike, your creditably will automatically exhilarate. It has a direct link on your image and your brand.

#9. Better Media Planning and Go Viral

Agencies have tie-ups with magazines, newspapers, tv and radio channels to get you space for advertisement on various media platforms at affordable prices. And with their knowledge about what to advertise where there is a huge possibility that their content promoting your brand goes viral i.e. reach the masses; which is the exactly what your brand requires.

#10. Accountable

Mostly an account manager is dedicated to each client who takes care of the streamlining clients, sticking to the marketing plan and takes care of the communication on behalf of the agency; making him well organised. All reputed agencies believed in working in a timely fashion, meet the deadlines, and stick to plan. Hence they are accountable for your brand’s marketing and advertising activities

How does an agency work?

If you’re considering a marketing agency partnership, you need to find all these facts. If you have a general idea of the services and need expertise, it becomes easy to get a powerful agency on board. Listed below are the main specializes areas, you need to consider for your business.

Below is the list for the various area of marketing that should help you to see what kind of service you need for your business.

>> Advertising

Advertising is one of the powerful and yet the oldest form of promotion for marketing. It still has the importance in the market even though the approach has changed. Ad agencies are the creative head bound every advertisement we witness across all media platforms; TV, Radio, Print, Press and now web and digital mediums. 
An ad agency consists of an account manager; who understands the business and gets in touch with you. He collects the brief and passes it to the planning department; who work on your brief and plan it accordingly. It then goes to the Creative department; where people work on idea and strategies then it goes to the production; where the designer, producer, and editor execute the final advertisement.

>> Branding/Design

They are a team of graphic and product designers working with colors and different materials. They help to build a graphical visualization for developing brand identity and communication. Brand agencies provide expertise in design for a brand and collaterals lie; packing, merchandise, and interior, barbed communication, etc. via creative platforms.

>> Direct and Digital Marketing

Direct Marketing involves technique like personalized postcards and store cards, emailers, newsletters, SMS, etc which reach the targeted audience directly.
 Digital marketing, on the other hand, is essential because nowadays your buyer, prospect leads, vendor and agency, etc. are online as well. Digital marketing is a new booming marketing, much tractional marketing agency provides digital marketing services too. But in case they don’t, a digital market agency isn’t hard to find. There are other specializing agencies as well like; SEO, PPC and lead generation.

>> Market Research

There are numerous agencies that provide market research services as a part of their strategic marketing service. While some individual market research agencies specialize in qualitative or quantitative research. Depending on your marketing strategy, you may avail their services required for your business.

>> Media

Media is a very broad and common term used in daily life. But in the field of marketing, it is responsible for media buying and publishing. The media department decide and plan for space in various media publications for your advertisement. For example, if your advertisement will wait on TVCs or a radio Spot is decided by the media department. The media department can get these spaces at good rates as they reserve spaces for agencies that have contracts with them, which works in your advantage.

>> PR & Events

Public relations or PR promote your brand in a less direct manner than advertising. A creatively crafted cover story noticeable on a national scale, for example in a national magazine which indirectly promotes your brand, it’s PR doing their job right. A lot of times it’s difficult to know if its paid media coverage or covered by a journalist. The PR is louder than advertising but subtle in spreading awareness. Events play the same role as PR. Some engagements come with celebrity endorsement which benefits both parties; it helps the brand and celebrity image.

Categories of marketing agencies

If you have the right resources in-house then you should utilize them but if you are aware of the lack of resources it is better to hire an agency.

On the basis of the functions, these agencies perform we can categorize them into 4 categories.

>> Marketing Agency:

Marketing Agencies are the one-stop solutions. They provide services like; brand building, advertising, PPC, social media marketing, trends analysis, media planning, and integrated marketing. They work as a partner and can help you with effective marketing strategies, planning and brand building.

>> Strategic Marketing Agency:

These agencies provide all the marketing services like a marketing agency, only with the creative ideation and idea generation. If you are looking for an idea based creative marketing campaigns, you should hire a strategic marketing agency. The only factor that differentiates a marketing agency from strategic marketing agency is creativity.

>> Marketing Consultant:

Marketing consultants; can be consulted on a specific problem. They provide both strategy making and implementation of marketing plans. For example, if you wanted to launch your own brand or wanted to generate more revenue from the targeted audience, a marketing consultant will give you a consultation for both the scenarios.

>> Marketing Research Firms:

Before any business to start one should be thorough on their market research and plan new marketing plans and strategies before launching. If you need to recognize the buyer’s persona on your targeted audience or want to know about demographics or any particular area or place they can help you. Such agencies work on subject-oriented techniques and focus more on interviews, surveys, focused groups, etc. to deliver a research report.

Working on Agency Brief

Once you have understood the marketing need of your business or product, you should start working on the brief as no agency can work without a brief. Gather all the required data from the past and all creative and already published material along with the results.

Underneath is a list of questions you can ask yourself while creating the brief for the agency.

  1. When did you start your business and how?
  2. What was your company’s vision at that time?
  3. How did your company grow? Are you using the same domain that you started with? Have you expanded?
  4.  Do you consider your business a successful brand and Why?
   What’s your plan for next one year?
  5. Where do you see your brand after ten years?
  6. What’s your marketing budget for next year?
  7. Did you have an agency before? Did you like their services? If not, why?


After you’ve prepared a brief to your satisfaction share it with the agency you are considering to partner with. Invite them to pitch presentation and judge them accordingly. Apart from the presentation, these points are to be looked at before you hire them:

>> Experience

Check whether the agency has worked in the same sector as yours. If they haven’t, ask them how they would advertise your brand. Ask them to start with a detailed research and to keep you updated on the strategies they come up with. Approve of them only once you’re are convinced. And if they have worked in your sector make sure they don’t pitch you the same concepts and ideas. Your brand should be unique and can’t have the same values as any other brand already has.

>> Workforce

A workforce is made up of individual members who specialize in different skill sets. It’s very important that the agency you hire has all the required skill experts; creative copywriter, photographer, video editor, designer, visualizer, content writer, etc. And if need be, make sure they have an expert in the language in case you need a copy in a different language to reach masses globally.

>> Recommendations

Reviews and recommendations help to trust the agency. Either find a firm that was recommended to you, or finds a recommendation for the firm you decide to work with. Recommendation and reviews can help you make the right decision.

When all the above criteria have met, hire the firm and get the best out of them for required results that will benefit the both of you.

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