Best Digital Marketing Agencies – September 2019 Reviews

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With businesses going completely digital over the last few years, the demand and need of digital marketing agencies have increased by several folds.

Do you feel you, your business or your brand are lacking behind in this digital marketing landscape?

To start with your journey for gaining higher market share, higher brand visibility, higher sales, higher brand recall, you need assistance from a reliable and experienced digital marketing agency.

Amidst hundreds of digital marketing companies, it becomes extremely difficult to pick one that would be an ideal fit for your business. Hence, we have taken initiative to simplify your search process. We have curated some of the world’s top digital marketing agencies after evaluating them on several quantitative and qualitative parameters. After the list, we have also crafted a detailed guideline for you that would help you understand the subject Digital Marketing in depth and make you aware of the latest trends in Digital Marketing. This guideline would further help to select your ideal company amongst all the top performing marketing agencies mentioned below.

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Best Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing Companies

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To help you analyze and pick your ideal Digital Marketing Company, here is a tabular format of our curated list of best digital marketing agencies. Take your decision wisely in terms of selecting a digital marketing company.
Rank Company Location Employees Score Website
1 Disruptive Advertising Lindon, UT 50 - 249 99% Visit Website
2 WebPageFX Harrisburg, PA 250 - 999 98.7% Visit Website
3 Ignite Visibility San Diego, CA 10 - 49 98.5% Visit Website
4 Thrive Internet Marketing Agency Arlington, TX 10 - 49 98.4% Visit Website
5 Dash Two Culver City, CA 10 - 49 98.2% Visit Website
6 MaxAudience Carlsbad, CA 10 - 49 98.1% Visit Website
7 Rise Interactive Chicago, IL 250 - 999 98% Visit Website
8 Location 3 Denver, CO 50 - 249 97.9% Visit Website
9 Perfect Search Media Chicago, IL 10 - 49 97.6% Visit Website
10 Digivate London, United Kingdom 10 - 49 97.5% Visit Website
11 Stryde Draper, UT 10 - 49 97.2% Visit Website
12 Digital Success Carrollton, TX 50 - 249 97% Visit Website
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Why hire a digital marketing agency for your brand/product?

As much as digital marketing seems all about regular posting on social media sites, you would know that it comes with terms like SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, blogging, CTR etc which might get complicated. New terms might leave you in a pool of confusion so leaving it to the experts seems to be the best option. For the obvious reasons, hiring a whole team on board for each channel might not be the best option for small businesses, start-ups and medium scale enterprises. Thus outsourcing to a professional marketing company has now become an integral practice. Let’s jump into why getting a digital marketing agency on board is a better and feasible option.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to hire a professional digital marketing company right away for your business/ company or brand:

1. Free yourself from dependency issues

Most often in-house teams have a ton of unresolved issues that require your active involvement. Additionally, teamwork also reads as huge dependencies on each other which may result in a backlog of work especially if a holiday season is around the corner. Your availability and team issues may drag the project longer than expected. Dust your hand from these problems by involving a well-organized team of experienced professionals that will get with the project as per deadlines and all you will have to do is keep a bird’s eye view. So, irrespective of the season, your social media calendar is updated.

2. Leave it to the experts

Digital agencies work with a bunch of clients in the same or varied industry, thus giving them the opportunity of having a broader perspective on things. They have mastered the art of digital marketing and understand the market. According to statistics, Nearly three-quarters of adult Internet users in the U.S. are active on at least one social network (predominantly Facebook)—but not all use social media the same way or have the same expectations. You cannot hire an expert every time a user changes their expectation. Digital agencies save you the hassle of hiring for each role and even if you do so, that person may or may not turn out to be an expert. By the time you find that out, an era has gone by. Better to choose experts than finding one, right?

3. An outsider’s perspective matters

Have you noticed a mother does not complain about her crying baby even though it’s annoying everyone else? This is exactly what may happen to you while working with your team on your marketing project. Having put so much time, effort and love into something clouds your judgment when it comes to harsh decision-making. Thus, having an outsider’s perspective on your business is the best thing an agency can do to you. You might know what your customers/buyers want, but you might not always put your consumers first while showcasing your products on your web pages and digital platforms. Digital agencies help you figure out what type of content would be engaging for your target audience. The agency’s outsider perspective can give you the exact picture of your prospect’s mind.

4. Did you hear about the latest fad?

By 2014, Google had indexed over 30,000,000,000,000 (30 trillion) web pages; you can calculate how far it has reached by 2018. In the midst of this, staying updated with the latest trend is possible only after you quit your job. But post that staying updated won’t help. In short, since digital marketing agencies do this day in and day out they have the latest market trends, technology, and developments at the tips of their fingers. Social Media platforms are getting updated every day, and it might take you ages to figure out which trends best suit your product or service.

5. Focus on what deserves your attention

According to the Search Engine Journal Twitter community poll, 38 percent of search and digital marketing pros said they typically work 8 hours per day, every day while 33 percent work between 9-12 hours on a daily basis. If you decide to put in that kind of hours into just digital marketing, when do you plan on focusing on strategy, innovation, and coordination with sales teams? Getting a digital marketing agency will ensure that they put in these many hours of work along with fulfilling the targets you have given them. This helps you focus on creation rather than the monotonous tasks of uploading pieces of content on different mediums. This will ensure more creativity from your side and maximum ROI on your digital marketing investments.


Credit: Search Engine Journal

6. Agencies go light on your pocket

The fuss, cost, and space that an in-house team will gulp can all be avoided by hiring an external team of professionals. Consider these stats, ‘Although 88% of marketers believe social media marketing is important, nearly half (48%) only “somewhat agree” that analyzing social media engagement can help improve the bottom line. 15% don’t think to analyze social engagement matters at all.’ While working on budgets only time and cost spent on social media marketing is considered, whereas the critical costing steps should included analyzing and engagement. Instead of investing $9.7 billion, as the US did, be smart and outsource your digital marketing to an agency.

How to hire the right digital marketing agency for maximum output?

Let’s discuss the steps involved while choosing or selecting your ideal Digital Marketing Agency that would help you achieve your marketing objectives and help you generate more revenues:

Post a facebook status, tweet a meme, upload an insta image, poof! You are now a digital marketing expert. This is precisely where most companies get it wrong. Take the example of KFC back in 2014 when they went horribly wrong with their digital marketing campaign in spite of being one of the biggest and most popular brands in the world. They invested nearly $50 million in their campaign #IAteTheBones to become the new leader in the “boneless chicken” world. But as we all know, Twitter users twisted that game. The hashtag was used for sexual innuendos, dead bodies, and cannibalism unlike how KFC planned it. They are still struggling to find the bones of positivity to revive from this campaign.

This brings to light a crucial aspect, irrespective of how influential you are; you need to understand the audience before launching new campaigns and playing the social media game. As much as this can happen within an in-house team, this can also occur when you hire another crew. What then is the solution? We bring you a step by step guide to understand how to hire the right digital marketing agency to avoid damages and make the best of your funds.

>> Identify your situation / requirements

Don’t just jump into the pool of hiring an agency because all the other frogs in the market have done so. Start by first analyzing your situation in the market and set targets of what you would like to achieve. Ask questions like Are you already using traditional marketing? How is that impacting your digital presence? What is your budget? Have you identified your target audience? Be as accurate as you can. Answering these questions would bring clarity of goals, firstly for you and secondly to look for an agency that will help you achieve these goals.

>> What are you hiring the agency for?

Digital Marketing can sometimes be equivalent to a big black hole. I am sure you would have come to this realisation at times. You don’t know how much work gets sucked in before you finally see the result of daylight. In situations like this, it is crucial to define the stance of both parties getting involved. Once you have identified your needs, it’s time to list all your requirements to pick the right agency to fulfill them. Check with your marketing team about the actions to be performed in-house and who would be the point of coordination with the agency.

Here’s the ideal list of services that you need for your company’s digital marketing.

  1. Website design & development
  2. Blogging
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Social Media Optimization
  6. Email marketing
  7. Content Marketing
  8. PPC (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.)


>> What’s your agency type?

While you may have classified Digital Marketing agencies under one umbrella, you need to know that there are different types of agencies that cater to different niches:

>> General vs. Specialized Services:

Not all agencies offer specialized solutions. In today’s market, most of the companies take digital marketing as a side business and these agencies can be hired for extremely general tasks like keeping your social media updated. Whereas, if you’re looking at services that are designed just for you, select a specialized agency. For these reasons, TechCurate makes your lives easier by listing authentic digital marketing agencies to find the perfect fit.

>> Creative vs. Industry Niche:

Not all digital agencies that cater to your need may be creative enough to bring unusual ideas to the table. While selecting an agency, understand if your concern is to bring an innovative look to your social media campaigns or reach a wider audience. In the former case a creative agency will do you good whereas, in the latter, you should opt for an industry niche agency.

>> Global Reach vs Local Reach:

This is quite a self- explanatory point. While agencies that have a global reach will help you reach an audience across the globe, local agencies have a deep-rooted network in the local communities. If you are looking for an agency to help you launch a product/service globally or nationally, you need to hire such an agency.

>> Find the right agency

Now that you have set goals, listed requirements and understood the different types of agencies in the market, it’s time to find one for yourself.. One thing to keep in mind is that the agencies that show on the first page of google are not always the best, so be sure to do a thorough check before selecting a website. The best way to look for an agency, is to find sites that have already curated a list of agencies by proper verification and you can filter out your niche. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency, you are already on one of the best website that helps you filter out the best companies after going through a million agencies.

shortlist any 3-5 agencies out of the ones listed and start going through their portfolio and case studies. Case studies are the best way to evaluate a digital marketing agency as it sheds light on their earlier strategies. Look for some obvious certifications like Google Partner, Hubspot Certified or Bing Accredited Professionals badges on the agencies website.

>> Ask for a proposal

No. I don’t mean a PPT that has been passed on to all companies like a brochure I get handed on at the streets. If you get such a generic proposal, slash the company off your list right away. The agency should be able to send you a brief description of themselves, your current state and how they can help you build a strong social media presence. Make sure the proposal is accompanied by audit reports, as they are a great way of understanding your current state of digital marketing and how much clarity the agency has on your situation. Whether or not it’s a long term collaboration, always look at how this specific campaign will affect your brand in the future. Short-term strategies that talk about driving traffic are neither sustainable nor reliable.

>> Set the working model and the price right

Just because something is cheap does not mean it’s bad and just because something is expensive does not mean it’s good. Heard this age old saying right? While you don’t need to flow tons of dollars on a single campaign, you also don’t need to not put in money on an important campaign to save few pennies.

How then can you decide the right pricing?

Always look for the outcome. If the targets quoted by the agency justify the price, you know it’s the right deal. Many agencies work on a retainer-based model, as much as this may be a good thing, you do not wish to get stuck with a bad agency. So, understand your preferences and accordingly opt for a retainer agency or a project based agency.

Trends to keep an eye for in 2019

As years pass by advancement in technology keeps speeding up and as technology moves so does innovations in digital marketing. Last year, the industry saw a rise of everything from Mobile marketing to wearables. So, this year to save you from surprises and shocks, we have listed the top digital trends to watch out for this year. They have the power to take you up and down the graph so pay close attention.

>> Instagram should be your choice of social media

Who does not like to see pretty pictures all day? At an event in NYC last year, Instagram announced that that it has 800 million users engaging with the service on a monthly basis. Besides, it saw a growth of 600 million in four months. With the latest feature of IG Tv, people now have the freedom to make long videos. It has become a network as its own and people love that medium. Additionally, Instagram stories are doing better than ever. In fact, they have even surpassed Snapchat’s numbers. Stories added 50 million new users in two months, one month faster than its jump from 150 million to 200 million users. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are geared up for Instagram Marketing as well?

>> Influencers Marketing

Since the end of 2017, Influencer marketing has become everyone’s favorite way of marketing. Two things influence this, it creates a win-win situation as brands send their product to influencers and in return get marketing. Secondly, since the influencers personally use these products, viewers see this as an honest review of the product. According to a study by Linqia, 95 percent of marketers using influencer marketing strategy consider it effective. Millennials are a great fan of authenticity, and they can be sold by subtle ways of advertising rather than paid marketing. There are good agencies using influencer marketing at its best for their clients. Make sure you are geared up to use this latest trend in marketing. Influencer Marketing can really help elevate your companies/ brands presence and help meet your marketing objectives.

>> Videos can keep your audience engaged

A recent study conducted by Microsoft found that the average human attention span is down to eight seconds from 12 when it was initially measured in 2000. The study’s researchers also claim that the human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish, which is nine seconds. With an attention span so little, making engaging content becomes a challenge. The only way to keep the audience hooked is making videos there fun or informative, we know of people spending hours on YouTube and spending their weekend by binging on Netflix. Now you have a variety of ways you can make a video in, from 360-degree videos to GIFs – half an hour long to 1-sec animations, choose your pick. But, make sure that your new digital marketing agency focuses on video marketing.

>> Speak up for your brand – Optimize for Voice Search

Gone are the days when you rigorously typed a long email or send text messages. In today’s day and age, everyone is either instructing Siri to text back friends or asking google assistant to set appointments. With Alexa and google home coming into the picture, people have now decided to save time and effort by giving instructions rather than monotonously typing. Last year 20 percent of online searches were conducted through voice search. By 2020, that number is expected to increase to 50 percent. In a situation like this, make sure to make your apps voice friendly. Push your brands into the voice section as the marketing in that sector will see a rise this year.

>> Personalize everything you can

Today from toothpaste to facebook ads everything has been set as per the customer’s preferences. In a pool of choices, people like to see what applies to them. Google and Amazon have been building individual profiles for a year and keep updating it every time a person shops for something new or visits a new webpage. Since their attention span for ads has decreased, they are moving towards either organic content or something extremely customized to their taste. Kevin George, Head of Marketing at EmailMonks, says, “The future of e-mail is real-time, behavior-based personalization. A study by Marketo shows that personalized, triggered e-mails based on behavior are 3x better than batch-and-blast e-mails.” Get ready and implement personalization in your campaigns. Make sure your digital marketing agency can help you implement this latest trend in your marketing efforts.

>> Chatbots replace humans

Facebook recently launched bots for business pages that lets you text your audience directly. As you may have noticed many blogs and websites, have been regularly sending you content through the messenger, and if your business isn’t doing that, you are losing out. AI-based technology has an advantage of chatting in real-time that builds an interactive relationship with your audience. Bots were around for years but were never considered significant like today. Right now we’re seeing a very advanced and improved version of chatbots used especially for Customer Support departments. By 2022, chatbots will help businesses save over $8 billion per annum, especially in the banking and healthcare industries, let this sink in.

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