Techcurate, with its tech team having a vast experience in specific domains of web design & development, mobile app & software development, advertising & digital marketing agencies and other technology domains has created its own ranking review analytic algorithm that qualifies and rates tech companies on multiple parameters.

Primarily, for meeting the sole purpose of connecting the decision makers with the correct digital partners, we list only outstanding companies that we may deem to be the best.


Our company rankings are based on the combination of internal research, industry research, client reviews, company website performance, web traffic analysis, and proprietary methodologies.

Ultimately, any list or score of companies are ultimately based on subjective opinions; our company rankings display who we believe would rank where based on our exhaustive research process. We believe there is no single company that is the right fit for all potential buyers and we have listed multiple companies as part of our research.

The Rankings are strictly our opinions based on our research process.

These Rankings are based on aggregated ratings of factors which can be found in our methodology section. The Rankings are usually measured on a series of scores that we gather on based on multiple factors within each category. The scores for each factor are assigned based on our analysis or 3rd party research. Only the top scoring agencies make a given list.

Please Note:

The company rankings are of only a portion of agencies that offer a specific service. We continue to add and review more over time but our lists are not meant to be inclusive of every company on the globe within a given category.

The information in our Rankings is provided as a source of information for a User and is our personal recommendation. You are recommended to do Your own research and investigation before engaging services with any company regardless of their listing. You agree to not hold Techcurate.com any members and/or any managers liable from any decisions they take. Furthermore, Techcurate.com is not liable for any statements, representations, descriptions, comments, or opinions posted on the Site. Techcurate.com cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of Rankings. Under no circumstances will Techcurate.com or any third-party providers of the Rankings be liable in any way for any Ranking, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any Ranking/s, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the Rankings.

All Rankings developed and posted by Techcurate.com represent an independent opinion, and are derived by virtue of Techcurate.com independent judgment, analysis, and subjective/objective criteria. By developing and posting such Rankings, Techcurate.com makes no representation or warranties as to the accuracy or factual basis of the Rankings. Your use of the Rankings hereby acknowledges that You agree to perform Your own due diligence in order to make well-informed decisions of Your own. You hereby acknowledge that the Rankings are to be used as an instrument in making such decisions but should not be viewed as an authoritative end-all to any evaluations.

Techcurate.com is an independent authority and is not affiliated with any public administrative agencies, government entities, non-profit organizations, or otherwise related to any private parent or subsidiary companies that would otherwise undermine its impartiality in performing evaluations of various companies. Techcurate.com has no ownership interest in any of the companies which it ranks from time to time.


While we trust our internal team, you ultimately take full responsibility for your choice of choosing the right company. Our rankings are intended to give you a list of potential partners, and should you choose to employ or partner with one of those agencies, you do so of your own volition. We recommend that you take the time to personally research the agencies you find on your own to find the best fit.

If you have any questions about our rankings, or if you feel that your agency should be included in our review process, please contact us at any time. Responses are not guaranteed, and neither are rankings. We receive many messages and inquiries each day, and we simply don’t have the manpower or time to reply to each one.

We have not and will never disclose our ranking criteria.

As our process for analysis is how we differentiate TechCurate Analytic Review from other sites, our ranking system is a carefully guarded secret and is to remain proprietary. With that in mind, we can disclose that our team enters details and statistics about each web design firm into our algorithmic program. The application allows us to sort and compare the companies based on individual or an aggregate of variables.

TechCurate offers visitors an opinion based platform for reviews and rankings (“Rankings”). This platform allows visitors to access recommendations of products and services determined by TechCurate and its staff.

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