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With Internet of Things (IoT), it’s convenient for the whole world to stay connected digitally. Transfer of data by computing, mechanical or digital devices is possible even without human-to-human or human-to-machine communications.

IoT products have won over immense popularity at the global level. It has successfully infiltrated businesses, factories, and homes worldwide. This technology is creating waves even in the manufacturing sector, many big enterprises have invested exorbitantly in IoT. Connected Home products like Alexa, Google Home are changing the dynamics and landscape of the current tech era.

To build a perfect IoT solution for your business, you need to partner with the best and reliable IoT development company. We have conducted thorough research on leading IoT firms globally on various qualitative and quantitative parameters and have curated the topmost and best-performing companies for you. These shortlisted companies are known for their IoT based solutions and innovative work style. You can get in touch and communicate with any of the companies listed below.

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Top IoT Developers

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To help you in selecting your ideal company here is a tabular format of our curated list of Best IoT Companies. Choose your decision wisely in terms of selecting an IoT Company.
Rank Company Location Employees Score Website
1 R-Style Lab San Francisco, CA 50 - 249 99.8% Visit Website
2 Cemetrex Labs New York, NY 50 - 249 98.5% Visit Website
3 Digital Scientist Alpharetta, GA 10 - 49 98% Visit Website
4 ISS Art Omsk, Russia 50 - 249 97.7% Visit Website
5 HQ Software Tallinn, Estonia 50 - 249 97.4% Visit Website
6 Qulix System Minsk, Belarus 250 - 999 97.1% Visit Website
7 PLVision Lviv, Ukraine 50 - 249 96.8% Visit Website
8 Apadmi Manchester, United Kingdom 50 - 249 96.5% Visit Website
9 Itransition Lakewood, CO 250 - 999 96.4% Visit Website
10 Eastern Peak Kharkiv, Ukraine 50 - 249 96% Visit Website
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What is IoT?

The connectivity promised by the concept of Internet of Things is the most important factor of attraction to the technology. The attention the concept receives from the corporate world and the consumer universe is largely based on its potential capability to materialize the idea of complete home automation.
The basic knowledge to have about the IoT is that it offers an environment where very part of it is connected to a network making everything accessible to the user which also makes everything much easier to use and have access to. Keeping this idea in mind, the direct applications of the technology which can be found in our day to day surroundings are devices like Amazon Echo or the voice search feature in our smart phones which also does different tasks based on the given voice commands. So yes, even though the name may sound new, the concept of IoT has already had its influence on our life.
IoT promises autonomy over your own things through a network. Actualization of IoT will mean that everything in your house is inter-connected through a shared network. As the sole authority or owner of this network, you are given the complete power of handling it. This sole ownership also provides you with the option of customization. Being the in-charge, you can change the settings, ruffle through different themes etc. The technology will be deep rooted enough to change your thermostat according to your voice command. This inter-connectivity can flow from you electric appliances to your car, including the lights, fans or any kind of a commodity which is any way can be added to the network.

IIoT: The industrial IoT or what is popularly known as manufacturers Internet of Things is a sub-division or an industrial version of IoT. The name now goes for any IoT application in the commercial world. The basic usage of IIoT in the manufacturing sector is that it can create a link between the manufacturing units making the manufacturing efficient and faster.

How does IoT benefit your business?

Popular for its application in the consumer universe, IoT can give an edge to you with the right implementation. In fact, the internet of things which is applied by any corporate company in its area of work has now got the fancy name ‘IIoT’ which is the short form for Industrial Internet of Things. Being a trending concept which forms a network of devices, it has been able to grab a lot of attention from the corporate world which is now being filled with testimonies which also display evidences of clear profit charts after the implementation of IoT.

Adoption of IOT can be seen as a transformational strategy as it implies that all the networks that existed in the company will now be transformed into one huge well connected network. This increases the transparency of the dealing of the company and gives a direct connection between the employees and the highest authority of the company.

Intra-firm communication:With the introduction of IoT, the firm will see a significant rise in the intra-firm communication. This means that the employees of different sections of the same company have a direct connection. This feature helps in the reduction of communicational errors that may occur due to any kind of miscommunication that may happen due to the absence of a direct connection between the different sections of the same company.

Availability of data: With the arrival of IOT in your firm, data flow is guaranteed. To utilize this opportunity, you can use smart devices and track consumers’ behavioural pattern. This collected data can then be used to device effective marketing or sales strategies which will be more appealing for the target audience as it designed according to their interests.

Monitoring progress: Another advantage of having an IOT network in your firm is that you get a round the clock progress report. IOT can bring you progress reports of in field work and also keep notifying you about the progress of your employees by the minute with the help of physically worn sensors which report directly to the authority involved. This can be helpful in bringing up the total work rate of the company and also maintain a standard within the firm.

Inventory and quality maintenance: IOT can work as the replacement of the barcode system that most firm employ for managing their inventory. Using IOT you can have your products, devices and equipment interconnected which makes inventory management easier and faster. And the constant progress monitoring done through the network also brings in a quality assurance. This technology is most useful when you have to juggle production between different plants, here IOT will be able to give multiple progress reports through which you can make sure that the quality of your brand is maintained.

Supply chain transparency: As a tracking software which gives immediate and rapid notifications, IOT can make supply chains transparent to the consumer which can even be big or small firms. IOT will display constant updates when a product moves through a supply chain which makes sure the product is not lost. The network also notifies the consumer if the product goes through many changes as it moves through the supply chain which will be very helpful to restaurants or hotels.

Customer handling: Introduction of IOT into the midst of your target audience can get you useful data based on the reception of your target audience. This data can be used to analyze consumer behaviour and can be a future reference during the creation of a relatively new marketing strategy or a new product. It also helps in handling customers by creating required responses during customer interactions and can also be used to make available the product details to any consumer who wants to know.


Automation is the major advantage of bringing in an IOT network. The interconnectivity offered through the network is promising enough to make any simple activity faster and efficient. It also includes home automation where every home appliances are interconnected in the network and accept commands which involves the cooperation of different appliances working together.

Home automation: Automation is one of the best services that is offered through the installation of IOT in any firm or any place for that matter. Home automation is an advocate for this service and attracts a lot of customers. The Amazon Echo advertisements that has caught your attention lately is part of a number of other pioneering applications in home automation. In simple words, home automation presents you with a home environment in which your voice command is received and understood by your appliances which range from washing machines to lamps. So, in comparison IOT makes any environment a better place through automation which makes life easier.

Digital Twin concept

The IoT works on the basic concept known as the Digital Twin concept. The goes along its literal meaning that every device or be it anything that is connected to the network has a replica in the digital form which is designed to accept commands on behalf of the physical commodity that is present in the real world. This particular application makes it easy to track the consumer usage pattern which also helps in better public relations of your company. The digital twin concept is embedded in deep coding which happens during the setup of the IOT network. It is this digital presence of an object that makes it a part of the automated network which is IOT.

Why do you need an agency for IoT?

As a type of technology which is still in its upcoming stages, it is going to take a well experienced agency to effectively implement the technology. Here’s why.

Life cycle replication: IoT aims at the replication of the whole life cycle of the current age. To do this complete replication of the life cycle of a firm, a developer should be well experienced with the creation of a digital twin and should also be able to do a swift study of the major factors of your company which are supposed to become a part of the IoT network. An in house team which is already levied with the duties of the firm can find difficult to study the working perfectly and then develop a network accordingly.

Multi-stage simulation: Another technical hurdle that requires an agency is the multi-stage simulation that is involved in the formation of the IoT network. The dedication required to complete this stage of programming without any errors cannot be found in your in-house team but only a dedicated agency can offer with assurance an error free procedure in the programming of the IoT network.

Cloud form storage: Initiating the cloud storage facility is yet another major factor that gives the agency an edge over the usage of an in-house team. Being a dedicated agency, the employees there will be able to create a cloud platform storage system for the particular network and then programming it to just be dedicated only to the network. The in-house team who may not be familiar with the programming protocols of the cloud storage system may not be able to give you an exclusive cloud storage system dedicated only to your IoT network.

Things to keep on mind while hiring an agency.

Hiring any agency to implement IoT in your firm can end up in being a big blunder. It is important to recognize an agency which has enough experience in the field to carry out the task. A wrong choice while selecting an agency can result in the wrong configuration in the created digital twin or the IoT agent which is the module that acts as the bridge between the actual commodity and its digital twin. But there are other important points to be discussed before you decide on an agency. They are listed below.

Data acquisition; the primary need: Data acquisition is the primary need for the construction and the effective implementation of an IoT. The agency who you hire for the purpose should have a clear cut plan for acquiring data from your company without disturbing the working of the company.

Only a company with considerable amount of experience in the field will be able to come up with an acquisition idea which does not interfere with the company affairs. This non-intervening factor is important as it will not disrupt any dealings of the company and also makes the transformation into the IoT network easier for the employees and the delegates involved.

Interoperability; protocol differences: Your firm may follow different protocols in its own different sections of work. For example; the protocol in the manufacturing department can be completely different from that of the sales or marketing division of the company.
To cope with these differences in protocols, the agency you choose must have the potential to develop an IoT network which has interoperability as a main feature. Interoperability of an IoT network gives it the added advantage of working and connecting across different protocols without any technical errors or malfunctions. It is advisable to demand the agency to ask the selected agency to show some of their sample work which has interoperability as a prime feature.

Updating windows; a necessity: Being a developing form of technology, IoT like any other existing technology can bring in a lot of updates. The concept which is now applied to your company on a large scale cannot be updated like a basic android device. Keeping this in mind, the IoT network that is being developed for your firm should be configured to receive new updates which will augment the existing network.
For this purpose it is important that the firm communicate it to the hired agency that such modifications should be done and is also important that each update does not require a technician from the agency to arrive at the firm to implement the update. Because if a technician is needed every time, then agencies can use this edge to earn more money from your firm while all the network might need is a simple modification, so be sure discuss it.

Predictive analytics; the way to go: Predictive analytics can be seen as the primary motive of the implementation of IoT. All the data that flows through the IoT is accountable and useful in analytics. Major corporate thinkers tag predictive analytics as the way to progress successfully in the future of the corporate world. Now in the possession of a network with the capability to collect data from all the corners of your firm, you should make sure that you have the facility to conduct predictive analytics in your firm.
This can be provided by the agency that is developing the network for your firm. It is important that the hired agency has an analyst who can provide you with all the information on how to handle all the information that is collected through the network. With a good understanding in this field and an analyst or strategist working with your firm, you can assure a guaranteed future for your company.

What's new in IoT?

Being the technology that keeps complete automation as its primary objective, IoT has been able to come up with a lot of devices during recent times. All these devices and the ones that came before them have been playing the role of stepping stones to reaching the goal of complete automation. Devices like the Amazon Echo are the spokespeople of IoT in the recent ages as the device has been able to reach out to millions of users with effective marketing strategies and sales style.

Updated tech: The newest arrivals in the home automation area include a lot of automated home appliances like refrigerators, television etc. But more attention has been given to devices like automated thermostats that self adjusts according to the temperature and basic appliances like a dryer which can notify you if the lent count goes up which may cause a fire.
Technicians now are also realizing that edge computing is far better than cloud computing. Compared to the cloud storage facility of cloud computing, edge computing which collects and stores data locally is able to generate better levels of speed and efficiency. Attributing to its storage facility, edge computing consumes fewer data and also works without high bandwidth which makes it a rising trend in the IOT sector.
With rising number of users and the addition of more and more devices into the network, the amount of data flowing through the platform becomes an immense. This poses a security threat to all the data strewn out there into the network. With new updation IOT will create layered boundaries between devices and have security procedures involving biometric sensors and AI to make the network a secure platform.

Commercial: In the commerce sector IoT is making a lot of progress. It is spreading into different fields like the medical field. With annual growth rate above 26% in this sector, the technology has developed a network which connects medical equipments and communication devices to get fast notifications in case of an emergency.
Edge computing is yet another update that is a blessing for the corporate world. The term “Edge computing” is used to refer to this new facility of a physical storage system dedicated to a particular IoT network only. This storage form differs from the usual type of cloud storage that is usually used in IoT networks. This ability to access data locally gives the network an added advantage of increased speed and performance and it also reduces the bandwidth usage of the network.

Upcoming Tech updates in IoT

With a lot of players in the field, IoT offers a wide variety of tech innovations to look forward to in the coming years. Some of them are listed below;

New arrivals: A firm named AlertMedia, has come up the concept of a network which is aimed at the safety and guiding your employees during an emergency situation. The innovative developers at AlertMedia has come with the idea to develop a network which has single multi-channel platform which collects different sensory data, system data, location data and employee smart devices to keep the employees well informed in case of an emergency. And it also triggers all the emergency services in case of a sudden emergency.

Data handling: Another firm named Altizon has come up with an idea that will solve a dilemma faced by a lot of CEOs in the corporate world. With the possession of all high tech manufacturing machinery, most CEOs face the problem that the data generated by these devices are not communicated with each other without human intervention. So with the usage of connectors like Bluetooth, Modbus, Wi-Fi etc, they are trying to develop a network between these machines to communicate with each other. They also offer the added feature of a built-in cache storage facility which will store messages while the machine is offline.
Other prominent upcoming arrivals to look out for in the near future include companies like Armis, who are trying to offer security to all the devices connected to a particular network. They address problems of automatic updation and possible hacking tries that might occur.

Upcoming trends: The coming age of fast processors and real time data analytics will give way to the rise of edge computing. Other than being a contemporary to cloud computing, the processing speeds offered through the local storage facility of edge computing is unbelievable compared to the speed of cloud computing. It will have a significant effect on the industries like manufacturing and public security which need speed analysis based on real time data.
Another industry which is going through the transformation that takes it to automation is the automotive business. As an original equipment manufacturing industry, the business model of the automotive industry is displaying the trend of its business model shift into the data intensive model. With this trend coming up in the coming months, it predicts that the IOT sector will receive large investment for developing innovative technology to handle the data of the sector.

Market predictions: The big players like Microsoft, Google and AWS are favoured by the tech geeks to farewell in the IOT market in the upcoming months or years for that matter. These corporate giants are believed to increase their digital footprints through major investments and innovative technological funding. With the coming of 5G, the IOT market will also display new opportunities to spread the technology to different sectors where until then connectivity or bandwidth was a problem. This broad opening of the IOT market also implies that it will bring in a lot more contenders and also innovative techies unlocking revenue and potential.

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