Our Methodology

Our highly experienced team mates, who themselves have been through the thick and thins of the Dot com industry (working from tech start-ups during late 90s and early 2000s, facing the tech bubble times, gradually getting promoted to large tech corporations, working with the best tech companies and sometimes again helping startup’s for satisfying their continuously thriving zeal)

Ability to Deliver

Our Curating process

This digital world has evolved from the tech bubble of 2000 to Artificial intelligence era.

Selecting the correct digital or tech partner for your next project has always been a key decision defining the success/failure of your project.

After having met many experiences, our team hence has created a ranking algorithm based on the number of qualitative and quantitative ranking parameters mentioned below, that helps us curate few top companies for you to choose from for your specific technology needs.

Our ranking algorithm functions on multiple factors. Weightage of these below factors within the algorithm is changed and prioritized according to industry evolutions. Also, new parameters apart from the below, are incorporated regularly based upon its importance.


Services offered

Client research

Online research about the firm

Customer reviews

Previous accolades

Traffic Ratings

Proprietary Analytics

Other Ranking Resources / Brand Mentions


Industry-specific projects (niche/specific industry projects – quality & quantity)

Expertise in Specific Industry

Technology or Programming platform used

Expertise in Specific Technologies

Technology Upgradation

Team Experience – Tech & Client service

Visible Efforts to perform and succeed.

Client Retention.

Since this platform is built together with the voice and opinion of decision-makers, we ensure that the opinions of decision-makers are also an important factor of our research-based ranking methodology.

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