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Don’t you think it is impossible to ignore the social media platforms when you want to establish yourself as a brand. Agree? There is hardly any company or brand that does not have a social media presence. That’s a fact! Social Media Marketing is and will keep growing. Infact, top brands and companies work with professional social media marketing companies who take care of their brand and corporate profiles making sure that brand penetration and corporate reputation is at its best. If your brand or company needs a professional social media marketing agency, it would be wise to invest in one that best fits your purpose.

We have curated this well-researched list of top-performing social media management companies for you to find your best fit! All the companies in this list have passed through our extensive research- based methodology ensuring it meets various qualitative and quantitative parameters. Read their reviews, look at their website, contact the company and take a decision to work with your ideal social media marketing company. We have also crafted a detailed guideline for you that would help you gain subject knowledge on this topic, help you understand the trends in social media marketing and thus help you further to work with a perfect smm company.

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List of Best Social Media Marketing Agencies

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To help you select and pick your ideal social media marketing (SMM) company, here is a tabular format of our curated list of best social media marketing agencies. Choose your decision wisely in terms of selecting a social media marketing company.
Rank Company Location Employees Score Website
1 Disruptive Advertising Lindon, UT 50 - 249 99% Visit Website
2 LYFE Marketing Atlanta, GA 10 - 49 98.8% Visit Website
3 Lead To Conversions Hudson, OH 10 - 49 98.6% Visit Website
4 Boostability Lehi, UT 250 - 999 98.1% Visit Website
5 Udonis Inc Newark, DE 10 - 49 98% Visit Website
6 Thrive Internet Marketing Agency Arlington, TX 10 - 49 97.8% Visit Website
7 Viral In Nature Calgary, Canada 10 - 49 97.8% Visit Website
8 Max Audience Carlsbad, CA 10 - 49 97.5% Visit Website
9 SEO Image Melville, NY 97.3% Visit Website
10 Social Fix Clinton, NJ 50 - 249 97% Visit Website
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Introduction to social media marketing

Marketing; the strategies to sell a product. We’re aware of the fact that nothing ever sells if not marketed well. And with everything digitized what you sell and how you sell need to be smart.

Even if you have been living under a rock, you do know the effect of social media on our lives. With such abundance of data and exposure, marketers are surely attracted to the different social media platforms like bees drawn to hives making it a breeding ground for marketing gimmicks. As defined, ‘Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a type of internet marketing which uses the benefits of social networking sites as a tool of promoting websites, brands, companies thus increasing traffic towards them and learning from users’ direct reactions.  

One might think that Social media marketing, i.e. SMM is leveraged just by B2C brands, but that’s not true. According to statistics, ‘83% of B2B marketers use social media and making it the most common B2B marketing tactic. And 54% of B2B marketers said they’d generated leads from social media’. SMM is mostly used to create better channels of communication with users, increase brand visibility and reach out to more potential customers. SMM gives you an opportunity to get feedback directly from the horse’s mouth and because of the interactive options on social networks, the consumers are given a voice either by asking questions or by making complaints. This kind of SMM is called Social Customer Relation Management (Social CRM), that could also lead to improving trustworthiness and higher return on investment (ROI) if the consumers are happy.

Google organic search engine optimization considers SMM also as one of the top factors in its algorithm, which implies that when the website or any of its social network page is active, the website’s position on search engines rises, i.e., it will appear on the top. And as per stats, 90% of users searching the internet do not go beyond the first page of the search engine, and only 70% click on the first three results. It is evident from the stats that you will benefit just by being on the first page of any search engine.

Social media is not at all an expensive affair, and the ROI it provides is worth every penny. Now that you know that social media is king let’s see the best 5 platforms that are currently ruling the market.

>> Facebook


“We don’t build services to make money, we make money to build better services. And we think this is a good way to build something.” – Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

With everyone adapting Facebook irrespective of their age, the platform has gained almost 1.32 billion active users. Naturally, with so much population on the site, any business goal is achievable be it brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic etc. with customized ad solutions. From being a medium to be in touch with long distance friends and finding the old ones, Facebook is now a medium to promote skills and products with a wide reach. Facebook is a well-developed platform which segregates your targeted audience on different parameters like age, location, relationship status, purchase history, work life, and many other attributes. And there are a couple of ways your advertisements will be showcased like; Newsfeed, Messenger, etc. and also cross-platform ads where a user will be redirected to your website.

The only times one cannot use Facebook as for their social media marketing strategies happen to be when and if Facebook prohibits you to advertise their product under Facebook policy i.e Tobacco company or when it doesn’t fit one’s budget, otherwise Facebook has proven to be one of the best platforms to market on.

All types of industries like Fashion, beauty, food, media etc have used Facebook to reach mass more easily and effectively.

Similarly, a lot of businesses like IdeaPaint and Red Bull have gained popularity starting with Facebook and have become an inspiration for many.

>> Instagram

instagram image

“If you’ve got an idea, start today. There’s no better time than now to get going. That doesn’t mean quit your job and jump into your idea 100% from day one, but there’s always small progress that can be made to start the movement.” – Kevin Systrom

Before being owned by Facebook, Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger who started it as an app for photography and videography with filters which is essentially still the theme. But since Facebook has taken over, Instagram provides the same advertisement benefits and characteristics as Facebook. What might be interesting marketing strategy is paid promotions where you pay an Instagram celebrity or an influencer (the person charges according to the number of followers they have) to market your product or event etc. along with right hashtags which makes attracting the audience easier.

Companies like FedEx, Airbnb have been witnessed to use Instagram marketing in the most righteous manner. Apart from these Instagram has been proven to generate success stories for many regional-centric businesses also like So Delhi and merchandise business like The Souled Store and many others.

>> Pinterest

pinterest image

“There is a lot of pressure to look like last company that was successful.” – Ben Silberman

Ben Silbermann cofounded Pinterest along with Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp and called it “Catalogue of ideas”. Pinterest is a famous visual platform where one can post imagines. If your business is skilled based and falls in a creative category, Pinterest is the site to market on. With an inclination towards creative fields like jewelry, wedding planning, interior decor, food but it is not only limited to that. Statistics say that Pinterest has almost 100 million active users in a month making it a valuable platform to promote your work and business. No surprise Ben said “If Facebook is selling the past and Twitter is selling the present, Pinterest is offering the Future. And the future is where marketers want to live”. Though Pinterest’s organic search is quite sturdy and has be optimized with the right content since it’s not as advanced as Facebook.

With the concept of personal blogs and a company page or blog, there are quite a lot of pinners who have made it to the top, Travel Channel, Zales, Cort Furniture, Chronicle Books and Lilly Pulitzer to name a few.

>> Youtube

youtube image

“The power of digital distribution over physical retail outlets is you have a chance to create a global audience.” – Chad Hurley

In 2005, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim together launched a video platform; YouTube. The platform is simple, upload videos to watch by the users with no limit to categories. In 2006 Google bought the site for 1.65 billion dollars making it work like any other Google’s platform using the keywords. With the concept of views and subscribers deciding the popularity of a YouTuber, there is no other way to market on the platform but by YouTube ads using Google Adwords. But one can sponsor a YouTubers video for marketing purpose; only choose a YouTuber who is related to the product or business. There are so many YouTubers who have rose to fame just by uploading their videos and becoming a video blogger. Lilly Singh, Shawn Mendes and 5 Seconds of Summer, The United Stand are just a few people who started on YouTube and are world famous now.

>> LinkedIn


“An entrepreneur is someone who will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.” – Reid Hoffman

PayPal employees, Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean Luc-Vaillant came together to launch an employee-oriented service; LinkedIn. It’s the only B2B socializing platform from professionals. Simply put, it’s the social media platform for jobs and business. With the wide range of content and no limitations LinkedIn is not only a brilliant platform to advertise but also one of the most reputed platforms to find employees for your firm. Naturally, being a network of professionals, LinkedIn ads is a powerful tool with a reach of 500 million people over 200 countries and targeting such professional audience on the platform is an undemanding process. Targeting by age, skills, jobs, location, industries, etc., business-related segmentation is its core competency advantage over other social media platforms.

>> Twitter

twitter image

“You can worry about the competition…or you can focus on what’s ahead of you and drive fast.”-Jack Dorsey

While some found it challenging to construct and deliver a thought and opinion under 140 characters, others mastered the art. Yes, Twitter when launched allowed to 140 characters (now 280) per tweet which was also the limit of an SMS. Jack Dorsey’s idea then went through a lot of changes along with Noah Glass, Biz Stones and Evan Williams on the team who then launched Twitter in 2006. The hashtag-driven platform is also being used as a live, real-time update site. Just like Instagram, one can use the right significant hashtag to reach the targeted audience. Twitter is known to be a crisp, straightforward, user-friendly site which is quick to catch your targeted audience. The best way to market on Twitter is by creating a campaign that runs under a budget and get it trending by paying the Twelebs; Twitter Celebrities who charge according to per tweet.
One of the biggest campaigns of all time was #IceBucketChallenge which went on from 1st June 2014 to 30th September 2014 with 9,578,772 mentions

>> Paid Advertising Services on Social Media Channels

Paid Social Media

Each of the above social media channels also provides a platform for paid advertisements. Paid advertisement is always a better marketing approach to reach the mass. It has proved to get more business and followers depending on the demand of the business. The paid ads are visible to and witnessed by the targeted audience which is selected. For example, If you’re a beauty product company and a person has viewed a lot of beauty related posts and videos the apps automatically target the person as a potential audience and display the product on their homepage. Facebook Ads & Google AdWords have widely used advertising platforms that attract the maximum number of followers. The rest of the platforms; Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Snap has their benefits with their niche audiences. By understanding the basics of social media, one can define which platform will bring in the most beneficial results and build strategies around it. Of course, a professional social media agency will help you to understand which platform would be the ideal platform for your brand/product/service.

Why do you need Social Media for your business?

Life has gotten so compact over the years. With smartphones and technology taking over the idea of socializing has changed completely. The lifestyle now has digitized, which is why Social Media has now become an inevitable part of day and life.

Underneath is a list of few reasons why Social Media is a good way to market your business:

>> Brand Building & Loyal Customers

Social Media has a reach of million people and overseas. With everything being on one’s fingertips, with the help of social media one doesn’t have to go to retail shops anymore to look at the product. A consumer finds it easy to talk to loveable brands comfortably sitting at home and share the experience with the world, which also promotes the business.

With the help of social media, it’s also become easier to discover new products and generate curiosity about a product. The likes, comments, and views play a vital role as well.

Campaigns and collaborations with other people or celebrities give the brand a human touch which further helps to attract new customers and the existing customer to explore more. For example, Tommy Hilfiger’s recent collaboration with top model Gigi Hadid and one of the best F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton has brought them up again in the fashion industry. The collaboration doesn’t only give a variety of new designs to the loyal customers but also gives an impression of your brand to the fans of these world-famous celebrities who also promote your product/brand/services on their respective social media.

Fashion United reported in a recent article, “Revenue for the fourth quarter of the year increased to 19 percent compared to the same period a year ago, while revenue for the full year increased a record amount – 9 percent to 8.9 billion US dollars. Net income fell 2 percent to 537.8 million US dollars during the full year, while earnings per share on a GAAP basis were 6.84 US dollars.”

>> Be on your customer’s mind and generate leads

Since accessibility is never an issue with social media a person visits a single platform multiple times in a day, all one needs is to post regularly to appear on the feeds for visibility. Posting regularly will give you a better opportunity to connect with clients and potential clients. That would help a lot in Brand Recall. Imagine the cost of TV and Outdoor Advertisements that were the top mediums for generating Brand Awareness. Today, with powerful social media campaigns, you can create a buzz at very minimum cost.  Generating leads is cost effective and a detailed report with the matrix can be created if a campaign is well designed and thought through.

>> Reputation Management

To build a brand one needs to build an untainted reputation with a customer. Like a ripple, a good review will bring in more traffic to the site and in retail shops. So the aim should be to deliver A class service without any chance of hammering or bad feedback. Rewards, appreciation, and benefits, help a great deal in building a reputation with a customer. Your customer services and reputation on social media have a direct and indirect effect on sales and profits.

>> In-depth reports and analysis

Your Social Media Marketing techniques can reap you unimaginable benefits if done correctly and consistently. All the data related to your ad is accessible; views on the ad clicks on an ad, engagement with ad creatives i.e. all the relevant information regarding your conversions. These pieces of information and data are essential in understanding your investments and returns. Similarly, social media marketing can be modified and simplified as per requirements. A Professional SMM company would change its marketing strategies according to the periodical analytics and in-depth reports.

>> Increasing Brands and Website Popularity that further improve rankings

Maintaining a good social media channel is a direct evaluation of your website. Each social media has their own set of audience and by being on all the platforms one can reach a larger number of groups. And with the space available to post content with a website link, it’s easy to generate traffic on the website with a single click. Internet being vast and interlinked, more traffic on your website, better the chances of being visible on the 1st page of Google search. Businesses with social media presence and higher engagement are usually ranked higher than other businesses on the search engine index.

>> Cost-effective

The beauty of social media is that it is indeed cost-effective. Just sign up and start working by posting pictures of product and services and self-promoting them. Gradually after expansion one can hire an agency for their social media. One can get decent returns and generate leads by investing a minimal amount in the paid advertisement for the platform you’re using. Paid ads reach the targeted audience much faster than self-promoting.

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2019

Social Media trends are constantly changing with changing interface of a platform or introduction of a new platform. But these are the social media trends of 2019. Make sure to have your social media marketing agency implement these latest trends for your SMM campaigns!

>> Chatbots:

Chatbots are not a new concept, in fact, has been around for a while now. They happen to give customers a very customized experience, which is why it’s a success. They are designed in a manner to reply immediately and with reliable answers on the website and social media. They are smart enough to solve the generic problems of the customers.

>> Video Content, Live Videos, and Podcasts:

Videos always have more potential to go viral, simply because they are entertaining and visual content is easy to engage than reading making it the most consumable form of content. Similarly, live videos on different platforms generate maximum engagement, they say it’s the truest form of content because of spontaneity. And it creates a personalized feel since every follower gets a notification about one being live on the platform. Podcasts are a little different, they are pre-recorded sessions (audio or video) which are accessible online. A podcast can be just a general discussion or a question-answer format depending on the product you’re selling and storyline around it. Though they are pre-recorded, they still give personalized feeling to customers.

>> Long Meaningful and Personalized Content:

Longer and in-depth content will hook your audience and you will gain their attention. Social Media has given a chance for your audience to be a part of your life for better or worse. And that’s why for a deeper connection you need to be candid, genuine and honest with them. And personalize the posts to stand out from others. Conversations in comment sections or replies here and there gives a reason to customers/audience to engage more. Long, Meaningful and Personalized Content also ensures your content gets higher visibility from search engines too.

>> AR, VR and Facebook Spaces:

Augmented reality or Virtual Reality is a brilliant and interactive way to engage with your customers. Mostly used on phones AR is a unique way of promoting your business. One needs to have a sticker or AR related product and it in a way gamifies your promotions. 
Facebook Spaces is an application with AR related techniques. Their users can create Avatars with their pictures and customize them. It has an option of inviting friends and hence spreading the promotions. VR or AR will soon be launched on other platforms as well.

>> Targeting Millennials and Influencer Marketing:

The digital generation i.e. generation Y is called the millennia. Being on Social Media is their lifestyle which is why they are keen on watching every video possible be it with ads. They are your big buyers who consume less infrastructure and buy big. They play a vital role in today’s SMM strategies. While these millennials are your big audience online, similarly there are people who are celebrities on each platform whom we call Influencers. These influencers have a reach to wide audiences who trust them, their content and products they promote. They charge per post which as mentioned above depends on the number of followers they have. The more following, the expensive they get. Your SMM company can help you get in touch with the right influencer suitable for your brand/ product/ service.

Best practices for better social media management

Now that you are educated about whys and the trends of Social Media, here are a few points that separate a professional SMM agency than the novice/amateurs. Trust me, you can discuss these below points too along with your potential SMM company before getting them onboard.

>> Be active on the right channels and on right time:

Depending on the nature of your business there will be at least one platform that will bring you the most business and traffic. There are tools to get this information; acquisition tab of Google Analytics lets you know where the major traffic is coming from. Once you know which platform is getting you the most traffic, that’s the right channel to focus on. And tools like Insight give a detailed report of when your audience is most active in the day, that’s your right time to post and gain most attention as possible. Also posting on a certain time makes your audience aware and they come back for more.

>> Post frequency and Quality:

The more active you are, the more chances there are for you to gain popularity, but that doesn’t mean to post so much that people might unfollow you. One should strike a balance between not losing the engagement and being visible. What you’re posting is equally important, the quality is an important factor for your content and product to go viral. Depending on the engagement whether you post once or multiple times, the content quality shouldn’t be compromised.

>> Schedule, Automation, and Quick responses:

We already know the strategy which is essential for an engagement to work. Your SMM company will help create a Social Media schedule to stick to your plan and strategy which saves time and pre-prepared content doesn’t affect the quality. Automation helps you with one’s engagements scheduling. Buffer, Hootsuite, CoSchedule are few automation tools that work on various platforms. All one needs to do is plan everything in advance and automate the posting and resharing. 
While every post is planned and scheduled, one should be quick to respond to the queries and interact with customers and audience. Your quick replies help the audience engage. Especially on platforms like Twitter where unresponsiveness can cost you, customers.

>> Brand tone and Crisis Management:

The brand tone should go with the type of business you’re promoting on the social media. For example, if you’re a media house your content needs to be posh and well written while if you have a humor-oriented page, you are free to use slangs and easy read content.

While you’re using carefree language one should be careful of what they say. Even with the products, if you witness negative feedback or criticism, take charge and apologize or show empathy, improve their experience to keep the customer satisfied. The crisis that has already happened cannot be roll-backed but one can always control the damage and repair.

>> Know your competitors and use Insight:

Social Media is cost effective and a worldwide platform which is why you will have more competitors. One should keep a close watch on their engagements and content and other strategies to give them equivalent compassion or outdo them by coming up with better campaigns and strategies. 
These channels provide with insight reports; a detailed online report card which tells you how you’re performing and what is working out or not (For example what type of content is being shared or going viral, etc.). One should always take it seriously and act accordingly. A Pro SMM Company would create and modify strategies according to the insights and data analytics.

Things to keep in mind while onboarding your IDEAL social media marketing agency

Here are a few things to be considered when hiring an agency for marketing your brand/ product/ business/ service:

>> Kind of Agency and Business Understanding:

It’s always better to choose an agency that specializes in Social media than that who provides it as an extension. Always ensure that you work with an agency specializing in SMM.
Also, an agency who has formerly worked within the same industry that means they have in-depth knowledge about the goals to be achieved. To be more effective on social media, they need to know your business and industry well. If not are they curious and asking all the necessary questions. Make sure they sync well with your thoughts and also give you encouraging ideas.

>> Their Portfolio, Insights, and Reports:

A little bit research about the agency might clear your 50% concerns. Looking at their portfolio of which brands have they worked for is always a better option to understand their expertise and forte.

And while working with them; a monthly detailed report of the work accomplished along with a defined matrix on the number of posts, effectiveness, the engagements, comments, shares, likes, traffic to your site etc should be provided to you.

>> Strategies and Mode of Communication:

To be able to connect with your agency anytime if need be and vice-versa is very important apart from the monthly or quarterly reports and regular updates. There should be a mutual understanding between two parties and need to be on the same page for campaigns and strategies to work. No brand creates random content for their social media, the strategies should be well thought of and both teams should work in sync with tactic ideas with an ongoing campaign.

>> Agency’s Social Media Channel:

One’s social media speaks volumes about them. Hire someone who has a brilliant social media channel of their own with an engaging content. If they are going to promote your brand they should excel at promoting themselves too.

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